About Our Junk Removal Services

Our team is committed to simplifying the process of cleaning up your residential or commercial spaces, ensuring a stress-free experience.

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Born in Cincinnati, SEN Hauling & Junk Removal LLC is a family-owned and operated enterprise committed to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction in every endeavor. Our dedication goes beyond mere business; it centers on helping you reclaim your residential or commercial spaces fully.

Our service is all-encompassing, boasting transparent upfront pricing and flexible scheduling for your convenience. Supported by a team of adept professionals, we efficiently remove unwanted items, including old furniture, appliances, electronics, and more. With us, you can rest assured – we’ll handle the disposal, alleviating your concerns.

Our proximity guarantees seamless service. To liberate your spaces from accumulated clutter, visit our website or call us at 513-436-4691. SEN Hauling & Junk Removal LLC is your trusted partner in achieving a clutter-free environment.

Why Choose Us?

Affordable Rates

At the heart of our service lies a genuine commitment to the Cincinnati community. Our approach revolves around transparent pricing and swift responsiveness. The price quoted before your appointment is honored without unexpected charges or concealed fees.

Responsible Disposal

Our partnership with numerous local organizations underscores our commitment to redirection and sustainability. After meticulously sorting to identify reusable items, we recycle your waste based on material categories.

Convenient pickup

Our junk pickup service is designed for the utmost convenience. You initiate the process with a simple pointing gesture – no need to lift a finger. Whether it's inside a house, apartment, garage, basement, warehouse, or commercial building, we efficiently remove your trash from any designated area you specify.

Cincinnati Junk Removal Experts

At SEN Hauling & Junk Removal LLC, our daily motivation stems from anticipating and serving your needs. Our core values include a sincere dedication to people, unwavering honesty in all actions, and a strong sense of accountability. As the leading local junk removal company in Cincinnati, we offer fair rates and prompt service to assist you in redirecting or recycling your unwanted items.

Our team is committed to simplifying the process of cleaning up your residential or commercial spaces, ensuring a stress-free experience. Whether you call us at 513-436-4691 or book online, our team can accommodate your needs with convenient appointments.

About Us

Our Services in Cincinnati, OH

Junk Removal in Cincinnati

Disposing junk involves multifaceted considerations: identifying disposal locations, transportation logistics, and ensuring responsible waste management to avoid landfills. Shouldering this task raises challenging questions. Luckily, SEN Hauling & Junk Removal LLC stands ready to assist. Our expertise includes removing many items, from construction debris, furniture, and appliances to carpeting, yard waste, electronics (E-Waste), mattresses, and more. Whether your residential or commercial needs, we offer both one-time pickups and recurring services. To explore tailored junk removal solutions, connect with us at 513-436-4691.

Cleanouts in Cincinnati

SEN Hauling & Junk Removal LLC is your go-to partner for any cleaning project in Cincinnati. While minor cleanup tasks can often be managed independently, larger or more complex projects, such as garage clear-outs or post-storm cleanup, may necessitate professional intervention. Our expertise extends to various cleanouts, including basements, attics, hoarding situations, commercial spaces, real estate properties, and offices. Entrust your cleaning needs to us for thorough and responsible solutions.

Items We Can Take

How It Works

Schedule an Appointment

Call 513-436-4691 or contact us at [email protected] to schedule your junk removal service. We come when it's convenient for you and have same-day scheduling options.

Prompt Arrival

Our friendly team of uniformed trucks will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2-hour appointment to tell you exactly when you can expect us.

We'll Do All the Heavy Lifting

When we arrive, we'll look at the items you want to remove and give you an all-inclusive upfront price. Then, we'll remove your things and sweep the area. We will then collect payment once the job is complete.

Our Eco-Friendly Practices

A central tenet of our work is the environmentally responsible disposal of waste. Our approach entails the safe and respectful recycling of unwanted clothing, furniture, and toys, aiming to curtail landfill accumulation.

The impact of repurposing your unwanted possessions extends beyond reducing landfill waste. The act of donating and reusing these items holds a greater satisfaction compared to mere disposal. Such actions contribute positively to others and the environment. By selecting SEN Hauling & Junk Removal LLC as your junk removal partner, you make a substantial difference through your waste management choices.

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